Live the Tuscany dream

The perfect place to breathe in the timeless enchantment of Tuscany

At Ca' Bianca, beauty is at home and every brick tells ancient stories.

Experience the atmosphere of a historic seventeenth-century villa with all the comforts of today. Lose yourself in a painting, with a 40,000-square meter park and the enchanting profile of Siena from the window.

Here time is suspended between golden lands and rows of cypresses that draw the horizon.

You are in the land of Chianti, just 5 km from the center of Siena, one of the most evocative Italian cities, rich in history, art and food unique in the world.
Extraordinary Suites

Rooms & Suites

Your heaven of elegance and comfort to give you relaxation and a breathtaking view.
A Variety of Treatments

Relais & Services

A dive in the pool or a tennis match? A walk in the park or an aperitif with bubbles? Whatever your idea of well-being, at Ca’ Bianca you will find a service tailored to your needs
A Variety of Treatments

Travel through the authentic flavours of Tuscan cuisine!

In our restaurant, we reveal the essence of this beautiful region with dishes that embrace simplicity and elegance, enriched with fresh ingredients from our garden.
Try our selection of wines, an expression of Tuscany’s rich terroir, to pair every meal with the right balance of aromas and scents.